Free Blacks of Lynchburg, Virginia, 1805-1865

Book Title PageFree Blacks of Lynchburg, Virginia, 1805-1865, was published in 2001 and co-authored by Ted Delaney, Archivist and Curator for the Old City Cemetery, and Phillip Wayne Rhodes, Director of Jones Memorial Library. It was the first book published by the Southern Memorial Association, which manages and interprets the Old City Cemetery of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Free Blacks of Lynchburg is the first historical and genealogical resource of its kind. The book explores free black life in antebellum and Civil War Lynchburg, including the legal status, occupations, religion, burial ground, and place in society of local "free people of color." Two extensive appendices contain a detailed listing of free black families buried in the Old City Cemetery and transcribed court records of free black registrations, tax lists, orders of apprenticeship, and deeds of emancipation of slaves. The index contains the names of over 1,800 individuals.

Old Market in Lynchburg, 1875
Fully indexed and illustrated, the 225-page hardbound book is a companion to Behind the Old Brick Wall: A Cemetery Story, published 1968 and reprinted 1998.

All proceeds from the sale of Free Blacks of Lynchburg support the SMA's ongoing work at the Old City Cemetery.

The SMA gratefully acknowledges major funding for this publication from the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust.

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