Name Military Unit Date of Burial Burial Location
Grave   Row   Lot
Bacon, B. B. - Co. H, 61st GA
Baggett, E. E. - Co. H, 13th AL
Bagwell, J. - Co. J, 13th SC
Bailes, G. S. - Co. B, 13th NC
Bailey, H. M. - Co. H, 60th GA
Bailey, J. M. - Co. C, 49th GA
Bailey, Jackson B. - Co. G, 45th NC
Bailey, L. - LATHAM's battery, NC
Bailey, R. F. - Co. C, 52nd VA
Bailey, W. T. - Co. K, 33rd NC
Bailey, Z. - Co. A, 19th GA
Baine, Thomas M. - Co. B, 53rd NC
Baker, A. J. - Co. C, 1st SC
Baker, John C. - Capt. REID's Co., Barksdale Grays, 20th Mississippi
Baker, Nathan - Co. G, 14th GA
Baker, R. F. M. - Co. J, 10th AL
Baker, S. J. - STEWART's Horse Artillery (MD)
Baker, William R. - Co. F, 11th TX Cavalry
Baldwin, W. H. - Co. F, 46th NC
Ballard, J. - Co. K, 147th NY
Ballard, W. H. - Co. J, 37th NC
Bankstan, W. - Co. A, 44th GA
Barbee, H. H. - Co. E, 5th NC
Barbee, J. G. - Co. C, 10th GA
Barber, H. - Co. C, 5th NC
Barber, Henry - Co. H, 1st NC
Barber, J. H. - Co. E, 57th VA
Barden, B. - Co. F, 7th GA
Bardsley, John G. - Co. B, 1st VA Yankee Artillery
Barksdale, J. H. - Co. F, 10th [16th?] MS
Barlow, William - Co. E, 1st TN (Joseph MARLEY)
Barnes, J. - Co. J, 13th GA
Barnes, J. - Co. A, 33rd NC
Barnes, Thomas - Co. H, 38th GA
Barnes, W. B. - Co. F, 4th NC
Barnett, Thomas - Co. H, 2nd SC
Barney, J. P. - Co. A, 1st DE
Barnhart, C. - Co. D, 45th NC
Barnum, J. - Co. A, 15th NY Cavalry
Barrett, A. N. - Co. G, 15th NC
Barrett, William - Co. H, 19th GA
Barry, H. H. - Co, J, 32nd VA
Bartlen, John A. - Co. C, 49th GA
Bartlett, William - Co. E, 55th VA
Barton, David - Co. D, 28th VA
Barton, N. C. - Co. D, 50th VA
Bass, B. - Co. E, 59th GA
Bassett, H. W. [J. W.?] - Co. H, 15th AL
Battle, J. B. - Co. D, 21st GA
Bazzard, Presley - Co. B, 14th SC
Beach, J. R. - Co. F, 14th NC
Beachmer, John - Co. G, 19th MI
Beakham, W. J. - Co. F, 9th LA
Bean, C. - Co. H, 40th VA
Bean, W. M. - Co. C, 7th GA
Bear, W. A. - Co. H, 5th VA
Bearcraft, Thomas - Co. F, 40th VA
Beard, A. C. - Co. E, 2nd FL
Beard, James - Co. C, 85th IN
Beckam, John - Co. H, 21st GA
Beckett, Samuel - Co. C, 33rd NC
Bedsole, J. - Co. B, 17th GA
Belcher, Mc. H. - Private, Co. A, 45th VA
Bell, James - Co. A, 55th NC
Bell, John - Co. H, 7th LA
Bell, Joseph - RILEY's battery
Belman [?], E. - Co. B, 14th LA
Beman, Stephen P. - Co. J, 2nd NC
Bennett, J. E. - Co. G, 18th NC
Bennett, James - Co. K, 12th NC
Bennett, Joseph - Co. G, 20th NC
Bennett, Trenton - Co. K, 8th AL
Benson, W. C. - Co. E, 2nd MS
Berkley, J. - Co. F, 18th MS
Berry, O. - Co. G, 8th FL
Berry, Thomas - Co. J, 8th LA
Berry, William Jasper - Co. H, 9th LA
Best, T. J. - Co. H, 7th LA
Bevel, J. M. - Co. F, 16th MS
Bevell, W. D. - Co. A, 6th AL
Bexley, S. - Co. F, 2nd NC
Bice, W. - Co. B, 12th AL
Biddle, B. - Co. G, 3rd VA
Biggs, J. P. - Co. C, 44th GA
Bird, A. - Co. D, 27th GA
Bird, Alfred - Co. K, 14th NC
Bird, Thomas - Co. F, 42nd VA
Birdsong, B. F. - Co. C, 4th GA
Bishop, J. M. - Co. G, 6th AL
Bishop, Wharton - Co. F, 52nd NC
Bizzell, F. M. - Co. J, 17th MS
Black, Q. L. - Co. F, 48th VA (GA?)
Blackhard, Granville - Co. F, 51st VA
Blackman, H. - Co. C, 4th AL
Blackman, Joseph - Capt. BROWN's Co., 12th AL
Blackstock, J. L. - Co. H, 14th VA
Blair, A. L. - Co. C, 14th LA
Blake, David - Co. D, 14th NC
Blake, John O. - Co. H, 44th NC
Blake, Z. - Co. J, 55th VA
Blalock, C. S. - Co. G, 15th AL
Blankenbaker, J. N. - Co. A, 7th VA
Blankenship, J. T. - Co. E, 37th NC
Blankenship, K. E. - Co. D, 41st VA
Blankenship, Thomas M. - Co. C, 57th VA
Blanton, W. A. - Co. C, 12th NC
Blisset, W. S. - Co. E, 13th GA
Blount, William J. - Capt. FLETCHER's Co., 13th MS
Blylock, W. C. - Co. J, 52nd NC
Blythe, Calvin - Co. F, 23rd GA
Boague, Z. R. - Co. G, 30th NC
Bohn, H. T. - Co. J, 12th VA Cavalry
Boland, Jessy - Co. H, 61st AL
Bonney, Henry J. - Co. C, 15th VA Cavalry
Booker, James - Co. H, 8th LA
Booker, S. M. - Co. A, 48th AL
Boon, J. H. - Co. L, 30th NC
Boone, G. - Co. H, 13th SC
Boose, Moses Co. A, 11th PA 11 June 1864 5--1--Second 'Yankee Square'
(buried "in far Corner" of lot)
Removed in 1866 to Poplar Grove National Cemetery in Petersburg, Virginia
Borders, M. - Co. F, 7th GA
Borin, W. - Co. F, 17th GA
Bost, R. G. - Co. F, 57th NC
Boston, Uriah - Co. H, 2nd NC
Bottom, A. L. - Co. C, 53rd GA
Boulware, O. - Co. B, 17th SC
Bowden, G. A. - Co. H, 41st VA
Bowden, John - Co. D, 6th NC
Bowen, B. F. - Co. D, 61st GA
Bower, [--] - Co. E, 39th NY, Yankee
Bowles, Allman E. - Co. L, 1st NH Cavalry
Bowman, Vince P. - Co. D, 48th AL
Bowman, W. J. - Co. C, 7th GA
Boyce, J. - Co. B, 1st VA
Boyd, Andrew - Co. D, 7th SC
Bozeman, J. S. - Co. F, 8th SC
Bradford, H. - Co. G, 8th FL
Bradley, Edward - Co. E, 2nd TN
Bradley, James L. - Co. G, 40th VA
Bradshaw, J. - Co. C, 18th NC
Bradshaw, N. S. - Co. G, 3rd NC
Brady, F. M. - Co. D, 28th GA
Bragg, J. W. - Co. E, 15th NC
Brainard, James P. - Co. A, 1st DE
Branch, A. - Co. E, 6th NC
Brannan, George W. - Co. C, PHILLIPS Legion, GA
Brannan, John H. - Co. J, 61st GA
Brannon, James K. - Co. F, 12th GA
Brannon, W. C. - Co. F, 13th SC
Branson, R. C. - Co. F, 34th IL
Braswell, J. C. - Co. C, 15th AL
Breedlove, Henry - Co. A, 14th GA
Brewer, J. W. - Co. J, 19th NC
Bright, J. W. - Co. E, 26th NC
Briley, M. E. - Co. E, 15th AL
Brincefield, F. - Co. F, 54th NC
Brinkley, D. - Co. E, 33rd NC
Briscoe, J. L. - Co. F, 17th VA Cavalry
Britton, C. - Co. D, 2nd LA
Britton, W. H. - Co. C, 9th LA
Britton, William E. - Capt. BENNETT's Co., Tallahassee Guards, 1st TN
Brock, E. M. - Co. H, 24th GA
Brodda, A. - Co. A, 51st GA
Broke, Iva - Co. C, 33rd NC
Brontley, R. R. - Co. B, 60th GA
Brookes, P. C. - Co. L, 2nd FL
Brooks, A. J. - 10th VA Cavalry
Brooks, George W. - LEE's Battery, VA Volunteers
Brooks, J. - Co. F, 61st AL
Brown, C. B. - Co. D, 6th NC
Brown, H. - Co. C, 19th GA
Brown, J. E. - Co. A, 7th SC
Brown, J. H. - Co. B, 38th GA
Brown, J. J. - Co. G, 57th NC
Brown, L. P. - Co. A, 35th NC
Brown, Patrick - Madison Artillery, LA Volunteers
Brown, T. A. - Co. C, 9th LA
Brown, William - Co. D, 42nd NC
Brown, William N. - Co. B, 7th GA
Browning, J. - Co. C, 61st GA
Browning, R. A. - Co. B, 23rd SC
Broyles, Walter L.--Co. B, Phillips Legion, GA--sent home by his brother, William L. Broyles, 18 November 1862
Bruce, J. H. - Capt. HALE's Co., 2nd SC
Bruce, J. W. - Co. L, 1st SC
Bryan, Josephus (Private) Co. A, 10th GA Battalion, Volunteer Infantry 6 May 1864 2--1--189 Born 1845, son of John L. & Elizabeth P. Bryan; native of Macon County, GA
Bryant, M. H. - Co. H, 41st VA
Bryant, R. - Co. G, 5th NC
Bryant, W. - Co. F, 49th VA
Brymen, S. - Co. K, 48th NC
Buchanan, C. B. - Co. H, 30th NC
Buchanan, Robert Edward (Corporal) Co. H, 17th VA 23 Mar 1864 Smallpox Lot Died in Pest House; removed November 1865 and reburied in Methodist Protestant Cemetery, Alexandria, VA
Buchannan, J. - Co. H, 30th NC
Buckelew, W. M.
Buckhalter, C. - Dan RUSSELL's Regiment, 20th MS
Buckles, H. - Co. G, 18th SC
Buckles, John - Co. J, 8th FL
Budd, S. - Co. C, 1st MI
Bullarford, J. H. - Co. K, 53rd VA
Bumgarner, Tobias - Co. G, 37th NC
Bumpass, F. M.
Buncomb, P. M. - Co. G, 15th [16th?] AL
Burdett, H. F. - Co. G, 11th VA
Burditt, Hiram - Co. J, 14th SC
Burge, C. W. - Captain, Co. A, 19th MS
Burks, Roland - Co. B, 5th TX
Burks, S. W
Burnett, J. W. - PRILMAN's Battalion
Burnett, Richard - Co. K, 44th NC
Burns, H. - Co. H, 11th SC
Burr, Joel - Co. C, 4th U.S. Infantry
Burr, William C. - Co. D, 6th SC Cavalry
Burrus, William - Capt. BURFORD's Co., 8th TN
Burruss, James T. - Co. C, 42nd VA
Burton, John - Co. J, 30th VA
Bush, W. S. - Co. K, 31st GA
Busick, J. A., - Co. C. 13th VA
Bussey, D. J. - Co. A, 8th GA
Butler, Isaiah R. - FRAZIER's Battery, GA
Butler, J. L. - Co. B, 18th NC
Butler, R. - Co. D, 44th AL
Butler, Thomas - Co. A, 6th AL
Butler, W. D. - Co. C, 45th GA
Butler, W. H. - Co. C, 1st LA
Butler, William - Co. J, 46th NC
Buts, T. J. - Co. D, 61st AL
Button, J. J. - Co. K, 16th MS
Buzheart, E. - Co. B, 13th MS
Byard, E. H. - Co. E, 3rd AL
Byas, J. M. - Co. C, 5th AL
Byrd, G. W. - Co. J, 32nd NC
Byrdsong, G. W. - Co. K, 1st NC
Bywaters, James E.

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