Name Military Unit Date of Burial Burial Location
Cagle, Henry Co. I, 24th GA 2 Aug 1862 8—4—162 Born 1829, Hall County, Georgia; married Nancy, 14 October l852, in Hall County and had 3 children; died 31 July 1862
Caldwell, H. Co. A, 11th GA
Caldwell, J. S. - Co. F, 10th GA
Calhoun, A. - Co. B, 13th AL
Calhoun, G. - Co. D, 22nd GA
Calhoun, J. T. - Co. H, 33rd NC
Call, D. H. - Co. J, 31st NC
Callahan, J. T. - Co. J, 35th GA
Callaway, A. - Co. D, 28th NC
Cameron, J. M. - Co. G, 41st VA
Camp, S. S.
Campbell, A. E. - Co. G, 30th VA
Campbell, C. - Co. L, 6th GA
Campbell, E. C. - Co. C, 14th GA
Campbell, G. W. - Co. I, 11th VA
Campbell, H. - Co. D, 12th SC
Campbell, H. H. - Co. A, 26th NC
Campbell, J. - Co. F, 3rd SC
Campbell, J. M. - Co. A [C?], 1st SC Cavalry
Campbell, J. P. - Co. C, 23rd NC
Campbell, J. W. - Co. F, 2nd SC
Campbell, John - Co. G, 44th AL
Campbell, W. M. - Co. D, 13th GA
Camps, A. J. - Co. A, 35th GA
Cannaday, John - Co. D, 6th SC
Canterbury, J. W. [Lt.] - Co. B, 8th AL
Canup, H. T. - Co. H, 5th NC
Cape, W. - Co. C, 2nd SC
Cardwell, P. - Co. K, 22nd NC
Careman, J. F
Carlis, F. - Co. D, 64th NY
Carlton, Alex - Capt. LEE's Co., 7th GA
Carlton, H. C. - Co. A, 38th GA
Carlton, John W. - Co. A, 7th GA
Carmikle, Robert Y. - Co. D, 53rd GA
Carney, James - Co. E, Capt. HUNT, 2nd TN Volunteers
Carpenter, Robert W. - Co. D, 28th NC
Carpenter, W. B. - Co. J, 26th VA Cavalry
Carr, H. - Co. D, 12th AL
Carrin, M. - Co. C, 19th MS
Carroll, James - Co. G, 1st SC
Carroll, T. S. - Co. B, 28th NC
Carson, F. S. - Co. G, 5th SC
Carson, J. H. - Co. K, 1st NC Cavalry
Carson, James A. - Co. C, 12th GA
Carson, R. B. - Co. A, 9th LA
Carter, A. B. - Co. G, 15th SC
Carter, G. - Co. A, 42nd VA
Carter, H. C. - Co. E, 16th MS
Carter, J. Polk - Co. B, 59th TN Cavalry
Carter, John - 7th GA Battery
Carter, John W. [M?] - Co. B, 26th GA
Carter, Joseph M. M. - Co. F, 4th GA
Carter, Reuben - Co. D, 7th GA
Cartwright, J. G. N. - Co. H, 4th TX
Caruthers, J. R. - Co. H, 18th SC
Carver, James H.--see "James Henry Caver"
Cash, F. - Co. F, 5th NY Cavalry
Caskie, J. D. - Co. D, 1st SC
Cassells, C. T. - Co. I, 18th MS
Cassiday, Thomas - Co. A, 47th AL
Casterly, John - Co. C, 4th PA Cavalry
Caston, A. H. - Co. J, 1st SC
Cates, Thomas J. - Co. F, 33rd NC
Catts, Henry - Co. F, 33rd NC
Caughon, W. A. - Co. J, 60th GA
Cavanaugh, John - Co. B, 6th LA
Cave, J. - Co. D, 1st TN
Caver, James Henry - Co. G, 15th GA
Cay, William - Co. K, 5th FL
Celan, Z. H. - Co. C, 15th NC
Chafin, John Robert (Private) Co. H ("Cheneyville Rifles"), 8th LA Inf. 23 Jun 1862 4—1—172 Born c.1842, Cheneyville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana; son of Anderson Leonard and Sarah Ann Providence Rutledge Chafin; enlisted 8 Mar 1862; died 23 Jun 1862 of typhoid pneumonia, Lynchburg
Chamberlain, E. [Sgt.] - Co. F, 3rd AR
Chambers, C. H. - Co. K, 2nd MS
Chambers, J. C. - Co. F, 51st GA
Champion, G. W. - Co. C, 2nd MS
Chance, V. M. - Co. J, 1st TX
Chandler, A. J. - Co. A, 24th GA
Chandler, B. J. - Co. C, 5th AL
Chapman, B. F. - Co. H, 3rd SC
Chapman, W. - Co. G, 13th SC
Charles, John - Co. K, 6th LA
Chastain, James E. - Co. L, 2nd SC
Chastain, L. D. V. - Capt. NEWMAN's Co., 3rd Arkansas
Chatman, A. S. - Co. H, 61st AL
Cheney, T. B. - Co. H, 8th LA
Childers, William - Capt. CRAWFORD's Co., 1st Arkansas
Childres, A. S. - Co. I, 60th GA
Childress, J. L. - Co. E, 17th MS
Childress, J. S. - Co. B, 7th GA
Childress, Thomas B. - Co. K, 1st KY
Chitty, L. - Co. C, 33rd NC
Chivers, E. - Co. C, 31st GA
Christian, Samuel Mc. - Virginia Conscript
Christian, W. R. - Co. H, 38th GA
Church, Jackson - Co. K, 42nd NC
Cink, F. - Co. B
Cissna, T. M. - Co. E, 8th LA
Clanders, W. - Co. F, 55th AL
Clark, A. - Co. D, 23rd GA
Clark, A. Q. - Co. F, 9th VA
Clark, Franklin - Co. E, 33rd NC
Clark, George W. - Co. I, 21st GA
Clark, J. J. - Co. H, 1st TX
Clark, John C. - Co. E, 9th LA
Clark, M. A. - Co. D, 33rd VA
Clark, Thomas - Co. G, 42nd VA
Clark, W. H. - Co. C, 18th NC
Clearmont, Joseph - Co. E, 5th NH
Clelland, R. C. - Co. A, 14th AL
Clemmens, J. R. - Co. A, 18th MS
Cleveland, J. S. - Co. F, 44th AL
Cline, A. C. - Co. E, 24th GA
Cline, E. L. - Co. C, 37th NC
Clodfilter, J. - Co. B, 57th NC
Clopton, W. C. - Capt. BELL's Co., 19th GA
Coalburn, J. W. - Co. A, 8th AL
Coates, James - Co. D, 37th VA
Coates, William - Co. A, 13th GA
Cobb, A. J. - Co. J, 13th NC
Cobb, Green B. - Corporal, Co. H, 2nd MS
Cobb, Jesse - Co. H, 28th NC
Cobb, W. P. - Co. J, 2nd SC
Cobbage, W. T. - Co. I, 11th VA
Cockrell, J. - Co. F, 40th VA
Cockrhan, W. A. - Co. B, 55th NC
Coffran, L. F. - Co. B, 3rd ME
Cofield, David - Co. F, 35th GA
Cofield, L. F. - Co. B, 59th GA
Cogdill, L. D. - Co. C, 2nd NC
Coggin, James - Co. D, 16th VA
Colderell, G. O. - Co. A, 53rd GA
Cole, D. F. - Co. F, 1st MS
Cole, F. M. - Co. H, 26th NC
Cole, J. J. - Co. L, 15th AL
Cole, S. E. - Co. K, 33rd NC
Coleman, James Jackson (Private) Co. H ("Brush Valley Guards"), 9th LA Inf. 28 Jul 1862 3—4—162 Born c.1829, Alabama; son of William and Sarah Ogden Coleman; married Margaret Jane Trussell; resident of Brush Valley, Bienville Parish, LA, when he enlisted; died 27 Jul 1862 of typhoid fever, Lynchburg
Coleman, J. W. - Co. D, 6th LA
Coleman, W. A. - Co. E, 3rd AL
Collins, J. - Co. G, 10th NJ
Collins, James W. - Co. G, 1st NC
Condon, [--] [Private] - Co. F, 3rd ME
Conilary, Peter - Co. J, 5th FL
Conkle, George - Co. D, 44th GA
Conner, A. - BRETHER's Co., CHEW's Battalion, VA
Conner, F. - Co. A, 19th GA
Conner, J. F. [Private] - Co. K, 61st GA
Conner, John - Capt. SHOOT's Co., 7th LA
Conroy, Thomas - LATHAM's battery, VA
Conwill, D. - Co. H, 44th AL
Cook, F. - Co. B, 32nd Battalion VA Cavalry
Cook, G. W. - Capt. THATCHER's Co., 11th GA
Cook, J. - Co. B, 4th GA
Cook, J. - Co. G, 38th NC
Cook, J. - Co. L, 8th SC
Cook, W. - Co. E, 8th LA
Cooley, A. C. - Co. C, 1st VA
Cooner, J. - Co. H, 48th GA
Cooper, E. - Co. F, 7th MI
Cooper, Reuben - Co. I, 38th GA
Copeland, H. - Co. D, 21st GA
Corbett, Jeremiah - Co. K, 14th NC
Corbett, William - Co. E, 61st VA
Corbin, James - Co. D, 48th AL
Cordell, P. J. - Co. C, 34th GA
Corfreau, John - Co. F, 6th VA
Cornett, J. C. - Sergeant, Co. F, 4th VA
Correy, M. - Co. M, 6th AL
Cossimini, Jacinto - TAYLOR's Company, ALEXANDER's Battery, VA
Cothron, S. P. - Conscript, 3rd AL
Cotton, a. L. - Co. D, 18th GA
Cotton, B. C. - Co. B, 61st VA
Countz, Charles - Co. A, 60th VA
Courtney, George - Corporal, Co. B, 14th AL
Cowart, J. W. - Co. E, 5th AL
Cox, F. - Co. H, 23rd VA Battalion
Cox, Irby - Co. F, 16th VA
Cox, James M. - Co. A, 47th VA
Crabb, A. T. - Co. B, 15th GA [Co. H, 28th GA]
Craft, E. - Co. K, 3rd GA
Craft, J. E. - Co. B, COBBS Legion, GA
Craft, Spencer - Co. F, 61st GA
Craft, Z.[G?] N.
Crain, J. T. - Co. J, 48th NC
Cramplin, B. F. - Co. C, 4th GA
Craven, R. F. - Co. H, 3rd NC
Crawford, T. B. - Co. B, 28th VA
Crawley, G. W. - Co. J, 26th GA
Crawshaw, John - Federal citizen
Crider, G. - Co. C, 5th SC
Criger, J. - DRENWICK's VA Artillery
Crim, J. - Co. K, 21st NC
Crimm, E. E. - Co. H, 15th AL
Critchlow, R. H. - Co. G, 3rd VA
Crocker, B. D. - Co. F, 15th AL
Crockett, J. E. - Co. D, 1st SC
Cross, A. W.
Cross, R. H. - Co. B, 53rd VA
Crow, S. - Co. E, 23rd GA
Crowder, Allen A.
Crowder, Henderson - Co. D, 56th VA
Crowder, William - Co. K, 1st[?] VA Reserves
Crusey, W. W.(Causey?)
Culbert, C. H. - Co. H, 21st VA
Culverhouse, W. A. - Co. B, 57th NC
Culverhouse, W. G. - Co. B, CUTTS Artillery
Cummings, Sherman - Co. A, 25th VA
Cunningham, M. H. - Co. G, 53rd GA
Curles, Calvin - Co. E, 48th NC
Curran, P. - Co. E, 9th LA
Curry, D. M. - Co. G, 24th NC

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