Name Military Unit Date of Burial Burial Location
Grave   Row   Lot
Mabe, Robert - Co. C, 4th VA
Maddin, Patrick - Co. A, 1st MO
Maddock, Richard - Co. F, 21st GA
Maddox, E. P. - Co. J, 19th VA
Maddox, T. A. - Co. I, 26th AL
Madison, A. - Co. H, 4th NC
Madison, A. N. (Mattison?) - Co. E, 22nd GA
Malcomantry, M. - Co. C, 54th NC
Malone, S. H.
Maniss, A. W. - Co. A, 48th NC
Mannerlyn, R. A. - Co. A, 23rd NC
Mannin, S. - Co. D, 3rd NC
Manning, R. L. - Co. B, 12th SC
Marchbanks, L. B. - Co. K, 8th LA
Maren, A. C. - Co. C, 85th IN
Markham, C. H. - Co. E, 34th VA
Marley, John F. - Co. F, 52nd NC
Marlow, J. S. - Co. A, 18th MS
Marshall, G. W. - Co. A, 33rd NC
Marshall, G. W. - of 42nd NC
Marshall, H. L. - Co. C, 4th NC
Marshall, T. J. - LATHAM's Battery, NC
Marshall, W. - Co. E, 48th GA
Marshall, W. D. - Co. G, 2nd SC
Martin, A. J. - Co. K, 19th VA
Martin, C. S. - Co. K, 53rd GA
Martin, George - Co. E, 37th NC
Martin, J. B. - Co. B, 1st NC
Martin, J. M. - Co. K, 13th NC
Martin, J. M. - Co. C, 38th NC
Martin, J. S. - Co. B, 2nd NC
Martin, J. W. - Co. G, 14th AL
Martin, John -
Martin, John L. - Co. K, 34th NC
Martin, W. H. - Sergeant, of Co. H, 8th GA
Martin, W. J. - Co. G, 55th NC
Mask, James Franklin - Co. E, 28th NC
Mason, A. F. - Co. K, 22nd SC
Mason, Jeremiah J. - 110th Regiment, Col. Jos. LAVENDER, Franklin Militia
Massie, W. W. - Co. K, 17th GA
Matherly, T. J. - Co. A, 37th NC
Mathews, J. J. - Co. F, 49th GA
Matthews, A. J. - Co. E, 6th GA
Matthews, C. - Co. F, 9th LA
Matthews, John - Co. G, 3rd NC
Matthews, W. G. - Co. C, 9th LA
Mattock, S. S. - 3rd TN
Mattox, William A. - Co. F, 17th GA
Maxwell, H. C. - Co. A, 17th MS
May, B. - Co. F, 2nd MS
May, M. B. - Capt. SCOTT's Co., 11th NC
May, S. H. - Co. A, 37th NC
Mayberry, S. B. - Co. C, 12th NC
Mayberry, Thomas - Co. H, 14th NC
Maybin, T. - Co. G, 15th AL
Mayfield, James - Co. D, 14th NC
Mayo, E. C. - Co. I, 44th VA
Mayo, S. J. - Co. G, 31st GA
Mays, D. - Co. K, 4th SC
McBee, Gannin - private, conscript, not assigned
McBride, G. W. - Co. G, 44th GA
McCackin, C. J. - Co. H, 29th GA
McCaskill, A. - Co. G, 8th AL
McCauley, H. E. - Co. C, 37th NC
McCauley, William - Co. B, 60th GA
McChesney, F. L. -
McClean, A. C. - Co. D, 48th NC
McClendon, Burwell - Co. A, 10th AL
McClendon, H. - Co. K, 31st GA
McClendon, William A. - Co. K, 17th GA
McClure, D. A. - Co. H, 57th NC
McClure, N. B.,
McClure, W. H. - Co. G, 19th MS
McCluskey, J. - Co. H, 140th NY
McCollon, J. - Co. B, 38th Battalion, VA Artillery
McConnell, M. - Co. D [C?], 7th NC
McCool, W. - Co. A. Palmetto Rifles or 2nd SC Rifles
McCord, G. H. - Co. H, 5th VA
McCord, John [James?] A. - Co. B, 52nd VA
McCoy, G. - Co. A, 48th GA
McCraw, M. H. - Co. E, 29th VA
McCukle, J. - Co. E, 14th GA
McCulley, James E. - Co. K, 22nd GA
McCullough, J. C. - Co. H, 23rd NC
McCullough, Sam - Co. G, 9th LA
McCullough, Samuel - Co. J, 60th GA
McCurley, R. J. - Co. K, 9th LA
McDade, B. F. - Co. C, 20th GA
McDaniel, E. H. - Col. ORR's Regiment, SC
McDaniel, E. M. - Co. A, 14th TN
McDaniel, W. H. - Co. H, 48th VA
McDill, N. L. - Co. L, 6th AL
McDonald, C. - Co. J, 12th VA Cavalry
McDonald, G. W. [Sgt.] - Co. F, 3rd SC
McDonald, H. - Co. J, 12th VA Cavalry
McDonald, James E. - Co. K, 3rd SC
McDurmont, A. - Co. C, 22nd VA
McElvany, Augustus - Capt. READ's Co., 20th MS
McFadden, Thomas B. - Co. D, 42nd MS
McFail, Isaac - Co. F, 16th MS
McGauph, M. - Co. C, 1st SC
McGee, W. A. - Co. K, 15th AL
McGill, James M. - Co. E, 14th AL
McGill, S. - Co. F, 6th NY
McGinnis, J. - Co. A, 33rd IN
McGinnity, John - Co. g, 17th VA
McIntosh, F. - Co. G, 15th NY Cavalry
McIntyre, James - Capt. HODGES' Co., 9th LA
McKibbins, James E. - Co. E, 35th GA
McKinzie, C. C. - Co. F, 20th NC
McLaurin, D. M. - Co. G, 23rd SC
McLemore, J. R. - Co. A, 6th LA
McLoud, Elisha - Co. E, 31st VA
McMillan, E. - Co. K, 11th NC
McMillen, W. J. - Co. G, 6th VA Cavalry
McMinn, E. - Co. M, 1st TN [TX?]
McNair, E. C. - Co. K, 33rd NC
McNeil, George - Co. F, 51st GA
McNinch, J. L. - Capt McCLURE's Co. F, 6th SC
McNoy, W. - Co. B, 3rd AL (W. McVOY)
McPhail, D. A. - Co. K, 38th NC
McPhatter, John - Co. A, 20th GA
McPherson, A. R. - Co. H, 30th NC
McPherson, G. A. - Co. B, 61st VA
McSween, J. - Co. E, 15th AL
McVeigh, J. - Co. D, 88th PA
McVoy, J. B. - Co. E, 8th LA (J. B. McVEY)
McWhorter, D. B. - Capt. YERSER's Co. A, STOVALL's Battalion, GA Volunteers
McWilliams, William - Co. C, 21st GA
Meadows, T. S. - 3rd SC
Meairs, E. - Co. H, 18th NC
Measles, F. - Co. F, 5th NC
Meeks, Nathaniel - Co. D, 3rd NC
Meeks, Thomas J. - Co. E, 15th AL
Melton, W. H. - Co. D, 11th NC
Mercer, J. B. - Co. B, 61st VA
Merritt, S. R. - Co. H, 18th NC
Messer, W. - Co. F, 6th NC
Metcalf, S. A. - Co. J, 54th NC
Middleton, N. G. - Co. F, 2nd MS
Miers, J. - Co. J, 28th NC
Milan, W. P. - Co. H, 60th GA
Miles, John - Co. H, 47th AL
Milford, G. T. - Co. F, 12th SC
Milford, J. E. - Co. E, 17th MS
Miller, A. - Co. F, 33rd VA
Miller, Alex - Co. G, 6th LA
Miller, E. - Co. H, 5th NC
Miller, J. E. - Co. C, 28th NC
Miller, J. W. - Co. A, 57th NC
Miller, John R. - Ringold Battery, VA
Miller, Joseph - Co. E, 42nd VA
Mills, H. H. - Co. F, 18th MS
Mills, William - Co. A, 1st SC
Milton, H. B.[or Mellon?] - Co. G, 8th LA
Mimes [?], J. E. - Co. D, 3rd AL
Minix, William - Co. B, 49th GA
Miser, John S. - Co. K, 5th VA
Mitchell, B. B. - Co. A, 1st SC
Mitchell, P. M. - Co. B, 12th AL
Mitchell, W. P. - Co. C, 17th VA
Mitchell, William B. - Co. A, 1st SC
Molin, James E. - Co. C, 27th GA, lookout
Moneyold, M. C. - Co. 3, 24th GA
Monteith, W. - Co. G, 65th NY
Montgomery, R. B. - Co. A, 9th AL
Montgomery, S. R. - ANDERSON's battery
Moody, J. - Co. E, 1st SC
Moon, A. - 33rd NC
Moon, D. J. - Corporal, Co. C, 9th GA
Moon, J. S. - Co. H, 38th GA
Moon, W. B. - Co. E, 15th AL
Moore, E. Z. - Co. C, 23rd NC
Moore, G. N. - Co. E, 45th NC
Moore, J. - Co. G, 52nd NC
Moore, J. - Co. H, 55th VA -
Moore, J. F. - Co. L, 15th AL
Moore, J. N. - Co. G, 6th GA
Moore, James A. - Co. C, 2nd SC
Moore, John - Co. H, 26th GA
Moore, John - Co. K, 6th LA
Moore, Joseph D. - Co. J, 53rd NC
Moore, S. W. - Co. H, 9th VA
Moore, Thomas J. - Co. D, 13th VA
Moore, Thomas W. - Co. J, 40th VA
Moore, W. D. - Co. D, 5th VA Cavalry
Moore, William A. - Musician, of 4th NC
Moorman, G. W. - Co. D, 15th AL
Morgan, L. M. - Co. B, 19th GA
Morgan, N. - Co. K, 14th NC
Morgan, S. - Co. C, 33rd NC
Morgan, W. - Co. B, 8th NC
Morgan, W. C. - 28th VA, Capt. MINTER's Co.
Morgan, W. H. - Co. G, 12th SC
Morland, W. C. - Co. F, 60th GA
Morris, J. F. - Co. D, 28th NC
Morris, J. R. - Co. G, 2nd SC
Morris, O., of 2nd MS
Morris, P. J. [or Norris?] - Co. C, 26th GA
Morris, W. W. - Co. J, 51st GA
Morrison, D. L. - Co. D, 33rd NC
Morrison, J. T. B. - Co. F, 2nd MS
Morrow, G. W. - Co. D, 44th AL
Morse, Jacob - Co. A, 5th NY
Morton, Powhatan - Co. F, 24th VA
Mosby, E. P. - Co. C, 7th GA
Moser, G. W. - Co. A, 48th NC
Mosley, Thomas - Co. E, 24th GA
Mosteller, P. - Co. B, 23rd NC
Mote, Elezeor - Co. B, 51st GA
Motes, S. T. - Co. G, 3rd SC
Motes, Tyler - Co. E, 8th GA
Mounce, John H. E.[Mounte?] - Co. F, 21st NC
Mound, C. H. - Co. A, 22nd GA
Mourning, N. - Co. G, 26th NC
Moxley, P. H. - Co. L, 21st NC
Moynehan, Cornelius - Co. D, 7th LA
Mudd, Robert J. - Provost Guard, Lynchburg
Mullen, Pierce - Co. D, 50th VA
Mulner, J. D. - Co. K, 48th AL
Mundy, J. Y. - Co. J, 45th NC
Munn, B. A. - Co. A, 14th NC
Murphy, T. J. - Co. J, 13th GA
Murray, James Hilliard "Jim" Co. E, 7th NC Infantry Regiment 8 February 1864 Second Small Pox Lot Born 1815; married Elizabeth Ballentine Medlin, 1840; father of six children; wounded at Gettysburg; died of smallpox (or "variola") in Lynchburg's Pest House quarantine hospital
Myers, H. L. - Co. C, 21st GA
Mygatt, A. H. - Co. G, 15th LA
Mysenhimer, John - Co. K, 28th

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