Name Military Unit Date of Burial Burial Location
Grave   Row   Lot
Pace, W. A. - Co. J, 53rd GA
Pace, William H. - GARDNER's Battery, SC
Packerman, P. - Co. C, 16th NY Cavalry
Paden, W. J. - Co. H, 7th GA
Page, J. O. - Co. F, 15th GA
Page, Robert - Co. A, 16th MS
Pagett, A. - Co. E, 8th FL
Palmer, F. M. - Co. H, 1st GA
Parker, E. J. Co. E, 10th GA 2 Aug 1862 9--3--162
Parker, J. Co. K, 6th SC 25 Jul 1864 4--4--194
Parker, J. C. Co. C, 30th NC 10 Apr 1864 6--2--185
Parker, M. T. Co. B, 14th SC 19 Feb 1863 2--5--195
Parker, Monroe Co. A, 1st TN 30 May 1863 10--2--188
Parker, S. S. Co. B, 13th NC 27 Jan 1863 3--1--187
Parkes, J. M.
Parks, Miles Co. D, Riley's Battery 14 Dec 1862 14--4--Yankee Square Died at Pest House
Parris, Silvester - Co. E, 11th GA
Parrish, W. W. - Co. A, 11th NC
Parson, William A. - Co. E, 52nd VA
Parsons, Craig S. - Co. K, 37th NC
Parsons, George - Co. H, 17th VA Cavalry
Paschall, E. - Co. E, 6th NC
Pass, George - Co. H, 35th GA
Patrick, J. J. - Co. F, 16th GA
Patterson, J. W.
Patterson, M. V. - Co. D, 14th NC
Patterson, S. J. - Co. E, 10th GA Battalion
Patts, J. M. - Co. H, 2nd VA
Paulett, H. L. - Co. E, 35th GA
Payne, A. M. - Co. C, 24th GA
Payne, A. S. - Co. D, 58th VA
Payne, C. - Co. K, 38th VA
Payne, C. C. - Co. C, 24th GA
Payne, J. E. - Co. H, 47th VA
Payne, J. R. - Co. J, 60th GA
Payne, R. B. - Co. G, 37th NC
Peace, George - Co. J, 22nd SC
Peacock, J. T. - Co. A, 3rd AL
Peak, W. C. - Co. K, 9th GA
Peal, J. S. - Co. H, 22nd GA
Pearcy, Francis M. - Co. G, 60th GA
Pearcy, J. A. - Co. A, 48th VA
Pearsey, J. J. - Co. C, 12th NC
Pearson, W. H. - Co. D, 14th AL
Peddy, John C. - Capt. BRADFORD's Co., 3rd GA, Columbus, GA
Peel, James - Co. A, 33rd NC
Pegram, G. W. - Co. B, 13th NC
Pell, J. J. - Co. A, 2nd NC
Pendergrass, P. H. - Co. E, 48th AL
Pendleton, Wilson - Co. A, 12th VA
Pennington, A. G. - Co. G, 9th LA
Pennybaker, J. W. - Co. K, 5th VA
Peoples, A. J. - Co. B, 20th VA Cavalry
Perdue, A. J. - Co. H, 59th GA
Perkins, William A. - Co. H, 14th VA
Perry, Joseph Calvin (Private) Co. B, 44th AL
"Scottsville Guards"
5 Nov 1862 6--3--182 Born NC; married Frances Holder; resident of Scottsville, AL; died in Lynchburg, 4 Nov 1862, of pneumonia
Perry, J. C. - Co. B, 44th AL
Perry, Thomas - Co. K[?], 28th VA
Peters, Asa C. - Co. F, 6th AL
Peters, J. C. - Co. E, 15th AL
Peters, J. R. - Co. E, 15th AL
Pettis, B. - Co. H, 38th NC
Petty, T. A. - KEMPER's Battery
Peyton, T. C. - THOMPSON Guards, 61st GA
Phelps, Joseph M. - LATHAM's battery
Philips, C. J. - Co. J, 140th PA
Philips, J. N. - Co. E, 14th GA
Philips, Wyatt - Co. D, 44th AL
Phillips, J. - Co. E, 14th GA
Phillips, J. - Co. H, 33rd NC
Phillips, John - Capt. McGREGOR's Co., 1st AR
Phillips, Robert (Private) Co. B, 15th AL 10 May 1862 1--3--167 Born 1842, son of Hester Phillips; farmer, lived at Spring Hill, Barbour County, AL; enlisted 14 March 1862 at Midway, Barbour County, AL
Philly, W. C. - Co. B, 31st MS
Pilgrim, T. F. - Co. K, HAMPTON's Legion, SC
Pin, Herbert A. - Co. J, 10th LA
Piner, W. C. - Co. F, 9th VA
Pinkard, J. B. - Co. K, 3rd GA
Pinley, S. S. - Co. C, 60th GA
Pinson, J. - Co. E, 2nd SC
Pitcher, H. M. - Co. J, 19th MI
Pitman, J. B. - Co. D, 9th GA
Pitt, William - Co. D, 35th [33rd] NC
Pittard, W. G. - Co. A, 14th NC
Pittman, F. M. - Co. [-], 1st VA
Pitts, J. M. - Co. B, 3rd SC
Pitts, Joseph P.--Co. M, Phillips Legion, GA
Pitts, Thomas - COURTNEY's Artillery, VA
Platt, W. W. - Co. J, 1st SC Cavalry
Player, S. P. - Co. F, 3rd GA
Pleasants, William T. - Co. E, 15th NC
Poe, C. F. - Co. D, 13th MS
Poe, F. H. - Co. F, 27th NC
Poole, E. M. - Pickett Co., 17th GA
Poovey, W. F. - Co. C, 18th NC
Pope, E. T. - Co. K, 45th NC
Popple, John[Pollel?] - Co. B, 26th GA
Porter, C. C. - Co. H, 12th SC
Porter, James - Co. F, 21st GA
Potts, J. H. - Co. H, 9th VA
Powe, J. W. - Co. C, 13th AL
Powell, J. B. - WHITTINGTON's Co., 3rd AR
Powell, J. G. - Co. F, 50th GA
Powell, Wiley Co. F, 38th (35th?) GA 25 January 1864 7--3--200 Native of Elbert County, GA; died of "consumption" at General Hospital No. 3, Lynchburg
Powers, C. W. - Co. A, 6th AL
Prater, Thomas - Co. F, 16th NC
Presnall, John - Co. K, 54th NC
Price, A. W. - Co. B, 22nd NC
Price, E. - Co. J, 2nd NC
Price, J. M. - Co. E, 13th MS
Price, James - Co. B, 33rd NC
Price, O. H. - Co. K, 32nd NC
Price, W. B. - Co. K, 4th TX
Price, W. C. - Co. F, 48th NC
Price, W. C. - Co. K, 15th SC
Price, William - Co. K, 11th AL
Pridmore, B. - Co. C, 48th NC
Pringle, W. A. - Co. D, 31st GA
Pritchard, Joseph - Co. L, 15th AL
Pritchett, Joseph J. - Co. D, 45th GA
Pritnam, L. W. - Co. C, 15th NC
Privatt, T. K. - Co. B, 8th FL
Proctor, J. B. - Co. A, 22nd GA
Proctor, John - Co. J, 30th VA
Propst, Alfred - Co. C, 28th NC
Propst, Thomas - Co. C, 57th NC
Puckett, J. Y. - Co. J, 2nd VA Cavalry
Pugh, L. J. - Governor's Horse Guard, GA
Pullam, John F. - Co. A, 42nd VA

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