Name Military Unit Date of Burial Burial Location
Grave   Row   Lot
Sale, A. A. - Co. G, 54th NC
Sallins, Jesse - Co. E, 17th GA
Salter, J. E. - LATHAM Battery, NC
Samples, J. A. - Co. F, 21st GA
Sanford, J. B. - Co. K, 28th GA
Sarrett, Peter - Co. F, 4th VA
Saunders, D. - Co. B, 61st GA
Saunders, J. M. - Co. K, 34th NC
Saunders, John[William J.?] - Co. B, 9th LA
Saunders, Peter M. - Co. H, 38th GA
Saxon, A. - Co. C, 14th SC
Scarborough, Asa - Co. D, 16th GA
Scates, William John 1st Palmetto Sharpshooters, SC Volunteers 11 January 1863 7--5--79 Born 1836, Union Co., South Carolina; never married
Schwartz, William - Co. H, 183rd PA
Scoggins, H. M. - Co. J, 4th NC Cavalry
Scott, George P. - Co. A, 20th GA
Scott, W. C. - Co. G, 7th NC
Scroggins, J. - Co. F, 6th AL
Seacrist, C. - Co. C, 2nd NC
Seay, William G. - Co. H, Wise Legion, Capt. LEWIS
Segrest, Charles T. - Co. H, 61st AL
Self, M. M. - Co. F, 4th TX
Sellers, D. T. - Co. J, 57th NC
Sellers, Daniel - Capt. McGREGOR's STEPHENS Infantry, 19th GA
Sellers, E. D. - Co. L, 15th AL
Senn, J. D. - Co. D, 13th SC
Sergeant, E. J. - Co. J, 24th GA
Sessiner, John - Co. N, 38th GA
Severs, W. - Co. H, 4th FL Battalion
Sexton, S. - Co. F, 27th NC
Shafford, S. - Co. F, 23rd NC
Share, J. H. - Co. B, 57th NC
Sharp, Nathan - Co. B, 61st GA
Shaver, J. E. - Co. E, 42nd VA
Shaver, J. Y. - Co. E, 42nd VA
Shaw, J. F. - Co. B, 13th SC
Shedrack, J. D. - Co. A, 6th AL
Sheean, M. - Co. A, 150th PA
Sheehe, Christopher - Greenbrier Rifles
Shell, O. H. - Co. J, 46th NC
Shell, R. - Co. J, 59th GA
Shell, R. L. - Co. A, 17th MS
Shelor, George T.
Shelton, M. - Co. H, 3rd VA Reserves
Shelton, M. V. - Co. F, 28th VA
Shelton, Patrick - Co. H, 2nd MS
Shelton, William M. - Co. B, 44t NC
Shepard, N. - Co. E, 53rd NC
Sheperd, Peter - Co. C, 56th VA
Shepperd, R. F. - Co. H, 2nd VA
Shepperd, William - Co. A, 5th AL
Sherburon, R. - Co. C, 1st MI
Sherrer, G. S. - Co. B, 12th SC
Sherwood, D. - Co. D, 48th VA
Shields, J. M. - Co. K, 48th GA
Shierling, John A. - Co. A, 59th GA
Shifflet, B. F. - Co. G, 21st GA
Short, R. L. - Co. B, 2nd MS
Shropshire, Henry Clay - Capt. JORDAN's Co., in Col. BRUMLEY's Regiment
Sightler, W. H. - Co. K, 1st SC
Sikes, J. J. - Co. K, 61st VA
Simes, W. F. - Co. E, 8th LA
Simmons, J. D. - Co. F, 13th MS
Simmons, P. C. - Co. F, 6th AL
Simmons, W. - Co. G, 5th AL
Simms, P. H. - Co. A, 23rd VA
Simons, D. - Co. D, 1st SC
Simpkins, B. -
Simpson, J. H. - Co. J, 53rd VA
Simpson, J. S. - Capt. SCOTT's Co., 11th NC
Simpson, S. B. - Co. E, 48th AL
Sinclair, John - Co. A, 6th VA
Singletary, B. - Co. H, 6th AL
Singleton, J. P. - Co. F, 14th SC
Sink, Valentine - Co. H, 48th NC
Sipps, William H. - Co. D, 9th AL
Sirbaugh, G. H. - Co. G, 31st VA
Skates, William--See "William John Scates"
Sligh, D. J. - Co. C, 12th GA
Sloane, R. A. - Co. C, 10th NC
Small, Thomas - Co. A, 45th NC
Smith, A. - Co. E, 22nd GA
Smith, A. J. - Capt. RUSSE:'s Co, 47th AL
Smith, B. - Co. E, 37th NC
Smith, B. T.[F?] - Co. D, 2nd SC
Smith, C. - Co. H, 15th NC
Smith, C. W. - Co. B, 35th VA Cavalry
Smith, Conrad - Co. H, 6th LA
Smith, D. - Co. J, 34th NC
Smith, G. S. - Co. K, 51st GA
Smith, H. - Co. D, 8th FL
Smith, H. - Co. K, 34th NC
Smith, H. - Co. K, 5th VT
Smith, H. L. - Co. E, 45th NC
Smith, J. - Co. F, 44th NC
Smith, J. H. - Co. B, 51st GA
Smith, J. J. - Co. G, 1st SC
Smith, J. L. - Co. K, 48th NC
Smith, J. M. - Co. B, 10th GA Battalion
Smith, J. S. - Co. J, 2nd MS
Smith, J. W. - Co. A, 16th GA
Smith, J. W. - Co. D, 1st FL Cavalry
Smith, James D. - Co. H, 61st GA
Smith, Jessie - Co. A, 1st SC
Smith, John - Co. I, 7th LA
Smith, John - Co. J, 28th NC
Smith, Joseph - Co. E, 7th LA
Smith, R. - Co. J, 18th MS
Smith, R. - Co. K, 2nd SC
Smith, T. - Co. E, 1st NC
Smith, Thomas - Capt. SNOW's Co., 12th NC
Smith, W. - Co. M, 16th NC
Smith, W. A. - Co. K, 38th GA
Smith, W. T. - Co. G, 14th SC
Smith, W. W. - Co. C, 8th FL
Smith, William - Co. I, 21st GA
Smith, William - Co. A, 6th NH
Snider, G. M. - Co. L, 15th AL
Snipes, A. - Co. H, 2nd SC
Snoddy, J. A. - Co. [-], 2nd NC
Snow, S. - Co. A, 26th NC
Softly, D. - Co. C, 42nd NC
Sons, A. S. - Co. E, 15th SC
Sorrell, J. C. - Co. C, 7th VA
Sparks, J. C. - Capt. HILL's Co, 28th GA
Sparks, T. T. - Co. D, 48th NC
Sparks, William - Co. K, 47th AL
Sparks, William A. - Co. H, 12th SC
Spaugh, D. A. [B.A.?] - Co. J, 33rd NC
Spears, J. M. - Co. F, 60th GA
Spears, J. S. [M?] - Co. D, 22nd GA
Speer, J. A. - Co. H, 17th GA
Spence, A. - Co. K, 12th VA
Spikes, W. - Co. I, 3rd NC
Spiller, Hubbard M. - Co. H, 1st SC
Spivey, Henry D. - Co. G, 49th GA
Spradlin, James H.
Spratt, J. H. - Co. M, 2nd FL
Spring, J. L. - Co. G, 14th GA
Spurlock, G. W. - Capt. RICHESON's Co., Co. H, 15th AL
Stafford, W. M. - Co. J, 1st FL
Stagg, J. H. - Co. G, 21st GA
Stagg, John [Staggs?]
Stallings, A. J. - 3rd VA
Stallings, G. C. - Co. J, 41st VA
Stallions, Henry - Co. K, 33rd NC
Stanfield, A. J. - Co. B, 50th GA
Stanfield, Thomas G. - Co. B, 48th VA
Stanley, E. A. - PEGRAM's Battery, SC
Stanley, G. W. - Co. D, 57th VA
Stansill, John - Co. M, Phillips Legion, GA
Stapleton, Anderson - Co. H, 50th VA
Starkey, J. - Co. E, 15th VA [58th VA?]
Starmes, J. M. - Co. F, 48th NC
Starr, Thomas - Co. K, 4th TX
State, W. - Co. K, 6th NH
Sterling, Isaac - Co. B, COBBS Legion, GA
Stewart, J. C. - Co. E, 31st VA
Stewart, W. - Co. C, 6th SC
Stewart, William G. - Corporal, Co. A, 48th AL
Stidham, L. D. - Co. A [Co. K?], 14th SC
Still, C. E. - Co. D, 16th MS Stinson, Samuel--Co. B, Phillips Legion, GA
Stinson, Samuel (Private) Co. B, Phillips Legion, GA 5 January 1863 9--2--79 Born 1835, Whitfield County, GA; wounded at or near Fredericksburg; died in Lynchburg of typhoid and/or pneumonia
Stockdale, E. F. - Co. G, 52nd VA
Stokes, T. A. - Co. C, 18th NC
Stone, H. - Co. H, 21st NC
Stone, H. A. - Co. H, 8th GA
Stone, J. H. - Co. A, 2nd NC
Storie, Jesse P. (Sergeant) Co. B, 37th NC 1 August 1863 2--5--192 Born 1833, Davidson County, NC; resident of Watagua County, NC; wounded at Gettyburg
Stout, G. H. - 6th PA
Stovill, C. A. - Co. H, 11th VT
Stow, S. L. - Co. B, 6th MI
Strange, B. F. - Co. B, 8th FL
Strattin, M. C. - Co. B, 6th VT
Strickland, J. L. - Co. E, 7th NC
Strickland, James - Co. B, 8th FL
Strickland, Leburn - Co. I, 15th AL
Strum, J. - Co. L, 15th AL
Stuart, R. M. - BOYSE's Artillery, SC
Stubbs, M. - Co. A, 47th AL
Sturdevant, J. D. - Co. F, 47th AL
Sturdivant, William R. - Co. A, 41st AL
Suber, Enoch - Co. B, 1st SC
Suddles, P. W. - Co. J, 34th NC
Suggs, E. - Co. H, 53rd NC
Suggs, J. H. - Co. K, 18th GA
Sullins, Nathan Ashbury Co. H, 61st AL 2 April 1865 8--4--202 Born 27 March 1823, McMinn Co., Tennessee; married Mary Keitt in 1855; died 1 April 1865
Sullivan, Patrick - Co. G, 5th VA
Sumally, David - Co. D, 61st GA
Suthard, J. F. - Co. E, 13th VA
Suthard, William T. - Co. E, 13th VA
Sutherland, D. K. - Co. H, 18th NC
Sutton, Peter J. - Co. F, 15th NJ
Swadley, John W.[S?] - Co. E, 31st VA
Swift, W. A. - Co. A, 9th LA
Swinson, B. F. - Co. E, 20th NC

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