Name Military Unit Date of Burial Burial Location
Grave   Row   Lot
Wadsworth, J. C. - Co. E, 48th NC
Wain, C. C. - Co. J, 44th NC
Wainwright, W. T. - Co. K, 31st GA
Wakefield, B. F. - Co. C, 26th AL
Walden, F. M. - Co. D, 44th GA
Waldrop, D. - Co. G, 15th LA
Walker, H. H. - Miles McGEHEE Rifles, 20th MS
Walker, J. - Co. D, 50th GA
Walker, T. L. - Co. F, 2nd MS
Wall, Richard - Co. B, 1st SC
Wall, T. - Co. J, 21st NC
Wall, Thomas J. - Wise Troop
Wallace, D. W. - Co. H, 18th MS
Wallace, James - Co. K, 19th MS
Wallace, W. - Co. G, 18th NC
Walshe, J. - Co. K, 1st ME
Walter, J. W. - Co. J, 60th VA
Walter, Thomas B. - Co. G, 60th VA
Walton, J. W. - 37th IN, Yankee prisoner
Ward, A. W. - Co. E, 14th NC
Ward, B. L. - Co. D, 2nd NC
Ward, Ira C. - Co. E, 44th GA
Ward, J. D. - Co. B, 48th NC
Ward, P. H. - Co. G, 48th GA
Ward, W. L. - Co. F, 13th AL
Ware, John C. - Co. E, 20th GA
Warlick, Daniel - POGUE's Artillery, VA
Warmack, F. S. - Co. H, 3rd GA
Warren, M. - Co. J, 13th NC
Warwick, A. - Co. A, 3rd NJ
Waterfield, S. - Co. C, 61st VA
Watkins, B. - LATHAM's Battery, NC
Watson, J. G. - Co. D, 12th NC
Watson, J. M. - Co. F, 14th GA
Watson, J. R. - Co. F, 12th VA
Watson, John - private, Capt. OATS' Co., 15th AL
Watson, John A. - Co. C, 59th GA
Watson, John William (Sergeant) Co. I, 47th VA Inf. 4 May 1864 1--2--189 Born 1831, Brooke Station, Stafford, VA; farmer; married Margaret Watson; enlisted 8 Mar 1862; present on all rolls; wounded at Gettysburg; died of pneumonia, 3 May 1864
Watson, R. - Co. A, 1st Battalion, VA Artillery
Watson, S. - Co. B, 6th AL
Watts, B. T. - Co. G, 1st TX
Watts, J. T. - Co. C, 9th LA
Watts, N. V. - Co. F, 48th AL
Watts, W. A. - Co. C, 3rd GA
Weatherly, S. S. - Co. J, 5th TX
Weaver, A. - Co. A, 18th NC
Weaver, R. F. - Co. A, 55th VA
Weaver, W. H. - Co. K, 37th NC
Webb, B. - Co. A, 1st SC
Webb, J. S. - Co. C, 9th LA
Webb, P. D. - Private, Co. J, 45th VA
Webb, Samuel - Co. J, 53rd NC
Webb, Thomas - Co. B, 11th VA Cavalry
Webb, W. T. - Co. A, 2nd GA
Webster, George F. - Co. J, 1st MD
Weddington, W. G. - Co. B, 20th NC
Weeks, C. - Co. K, 22nd VA
Weems, J. H. - Co. K, 1st SC Cavalry
Wegins, W. E. - Co. B, 59th GA
Weiman, Henry - Capt. PIERCE's Co., VA Volunteers
Weisner, George W. - Co. E, 28th NC
Welch, C. W., of 10th VA Regiment Militia
Welch, J. W. - Co. C, 13th NC
Wells, William - Co. C, 10th NC
Wells, William J. - Co. G, 42nd VA
West, Thomas - Co. B, 46th NC
West, W. P. [J?] - Co. B, 28th GA
Wethington, John - Co. H, 60th GA
Wever, John - Co. J, 60th GA
Whately, C. C. - Co. F, 21st GA
Wheatley, O. - Co. A, 15th GA
Wheeler, W. D. - Co. J, 35th GA
Whicker, W. T. - Co. B, 61st VA
Whitaker, H. H. - Co. F, 48th AL
White, B. [Lt.] - Co. J, 60th VA
White, D. S. - Co. F, 33rd NC
White, H. - Co. J, 46th NC
White, H. L. - Co. A. 28th NC
White, J. P. - Co. A, 28th NC
Whitehead, M. - Co. K, 18th GA
Whitehurst, D. - Co. G, 16th VA
Whiteside, J. H. - Co. H, 1st SC Cavalry
Whiticker, W. J. - Co. J, 31st GA
Whitley, J. P. - Co. C, 9th LA
Whitlock, C. D. - Co. J, 10th GA
Whitlock, J. S. - Co. C, 60th TN
Whitlock, R. - Co. J, 18th NC
Whitlock, Thomas A. - Co. G, 4th TX
Whitten, B. - Co. K, 8th FL
Whitten, G. R. - Co. C, 14th AL
Whittle, Isaah - Co. D, 14th SC
Whorley, H. C. - Co. H, 1st VA Reserves
Wickham, J. S. - Co. B, 135th OH
Wiggins, J. E. - Co. K, 13th AL
Wilder, J. B. - Co. H, [6th?] SC
Wiles, B. F. - Co. D, 31st GA
Wiley, J. R. - Co. D, 17th SC
Wilkerson, J. D. - Co. B, 6th LA
Wilkes, F. M. - Co. C, 38th GA
Wilkes, J. H. - Co. J, 4th Ga
Wilkins, T. J. - Co. B, 18th GA
Willard, J. J. - Co. G, 57th MA
Williams, C. - Co. C, 22nd NC
Williams, D. R. - Co. H, 5th TX
Williams, F. M. - Co. A, 3rd GA
Williams, G. B. - Co. A, 2nd MS
Williams, H. - Co. I, 33rd NC
Williams, H. S. - Co. E, 34th NC
Williams, J. - Co. G, 38th NC
Williams, J. - Palmetto Battery, SC, HASKINS Battalion
Williams, J. C. - Co. C, 2nd MS Battalion
Williams, J. E.--Co. A, Phillips Legion, GA
Williams, J. H. - Co. F, 59th GA
Williams, J. W. - Co. G, 5th AL
Williams, James J. - Co. K, 30th MS
Williams, James W., of NC Artillery
Williams, L. B. - Capt. PETTIS' Co., 20th MS
Williams, P. G. - Co. F, 19th GA
Williams, S. M. - Co. A, 21st NC
Williams, S. W. - Co. H, 9th LA
Williams, Stephen - Co. J, 50th GA
Williams, T.[J?] H. - Co. E, 1st NC
Williams, W. - Co. C, 50th GA
Williamson, C. W. - Co. C, 38th GA
Williamson, W. - Co. G, 4th NC
Willingham, J. H. - Co. D, 47th AL
Willingham, J. W. - Co. B, 44th GA
Willis, John C. - Co. E, 16th GA
Wilmer, A. A. - Co. B, 1st SC
Wilson, B. - Co. I, 23rd NC
Wilson, B. F. - Co. C, 28th NC
Wilson, E. S. [C.S.?] - Co. F, 9th LA
Wilson, J. B. - Co. K, 5th TX
Wilson, J. W. - Co. B, 48th AL
Wilson, James C. - Co. B, 18th NC
Wilson, M. - Capt. MANNING's Co., 2nd AR
Wilson, Miles Co. C, 1st SC (Orr's Rifles) 20 Sep 1862 4--1--179 Wilson's brother-in-law, James Todd, is buried nearby in Lot 177
Wilson, Paschal--Co. B (Capt. Cook), Phillips Legion, GA Volunteers
Wilson, W. D. - Co. A, 44th NC
Wimberly, G. - Co. J, 6th GA
Wimer, William - Co. D, 25th VA
Windes, Francis Marion (Lt. Col.) 4th AL, "Roddey's" Cavalry 19 Sep 1868 4--5--250  
Wingler, Isham - Co. D, 26th NC
Wise, J. W. - Co. D, 38th NC
Wise, R. - Co. H, 52nd VA
Wiseman, J. F. - Co. H, 60th VA
Witt, D. B. - Co. I, 58th VA
Womble, A. J. - Co. G, 3rd VA
Wood, B. W. - Co. K, 44th NC
Wood, G. H. - Co. B [?], 26th GA
Wood, G. S. - Co. J, 61st AL
Wood, James M. - Co. C, 33rd NC
Woodring, J. - Co. F, 60th GA
Woods, W. G. - Co. H, 51st VA
Wood[s?], J. B. - Co. B, 46th NC
Woolf, M. S. -
Woolhop, C. - Co. E, 20th GA
Worley, William S. - Co. D, 27th NC
Wray, T. C. - Co. E, 72nd PA
Wrenn, J. W. - Co. F, 6th VA Cavalry
Wright, A. B. - Co. E, 51st GA
Wright, Alfred - Co. G, 46th NC
Wright, E. - Co. E, 61st AL
Wright, J. D. - Co. H, 44th NC
Wright, James C. - Co. F, 4th VA
Wright, John W. - Co. E, 51st VA
Wright, Louis - Co. A, 11th NC
Wright, W. P. - Co. D, 16th MS
Wriner, William - Co. F, 48th GA
Wylie, Johnathan - Co. A, 17th SC
Wylie, Richard C.--Co. L, Phillips Legion, GA
Wynn, R. P. - Co. F, 12th AL

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