06 Dec

Board Chair’s Corner

collagerevMost not-for-profit organizations in our area, including Old City Cemetery (OCC), use several recognized fund raising methods to solicit for financial assistance. A letter, which outlines recent accomplishments, along with current needs, has proven to be popular.

During the past two weeks you may have received our annual letter where we asked you to join us in helping to preserve this unique, historic Lynchburg site. If you did not receive a letter, or desire more information about OCC before deciding about your contribution, please explore our new website, www.gravegarden.org.

Whatever your decision about providing financial support we invite you to come to Old City Cemetery and enjoy the view of the mountains as you enter our main gate, visit clomid one of our museums, stop at the Cemetery Center for information and exploration of our gift shop, or just drive, or walk, around our grounds. You will not regret it.

—Nancy Young

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