14 Apr

Daffodil Time at OCC

Laurie4 (Custom)This mass planting of daffodils, which made our 2015 Calendar for the month of March, will soon be divided and added to the Taylor Gate brick wall. Each year we try to ways to keep the older bulb plantings vibrant and healthy, while delighting our early spring visitors. The bright yellows whisked away any winter blues anyone may have had! Check out some of the new locations where the Lynchburg Chapter NSDAR has added heritage bulbs just across from this planting and back towards Monroe Street Hill.

Laurie5 (Custom)We have been very fortunate to have dedicated beekeepers, and recently on yet another welcomed warm spring day, they painted the hives bright white. Driving past after they left, it seemed like one had been forgotten, and was much darker than the rest.

I didn’t think the bees needed a cooling coffin!  Well, whatever it takes, we all look forward to the next batch of Died and Gone to Heaven Pure Honey coming later this summer.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all at the Old City Cemetery, something ‘new’ shows up!

Laurie2 (Custom)Laurie3 (Custom)The last two pictures are perfect for April fool’s month! A windblown balloon landed on the Mourning Museum porch and greeted me at corner of the men’s room door on my morning rounds opening up the cemetery. As I worked, the balloon seemed to follow me and finally parked itself beside the cooling coffin display case.

—Laurie McMinn, Historic Grounds Supervisor

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