Thomas M. Pringle

ID Number: T06928

Biographical Data
Basic Identification

Gender: male



Attributed Race: white

Free or Enslaved: free

Birth & Family

Birth Date: 1825/00/00

Birthplace: Virginia



1st Spouse:

2nd Spouse: male

Age Details

Age: 35

Age Group: adult (20-59)

Life Details

Occupation(s): miller employed by Langhorne & Scott [mill]

Last Church:

Military Service:

Last Residence: Lynchburg, Virginia

Last Address:


Death Date: 1860/07/04

Death Note: none

Place of Death:

Cause of Death: accidental shotgun wound to stomach (see newspaper)

Burial & Undertaking

Burial Date: 1860/07/05

Funeral Home: Diuguid

Diuguid ID Number: D0434904

Indigent?: private interment

Gravesite and Grave Marker Data

Grave Marker or Marker Fragment: none

Section: C42

Confirmation Source for Location:

Grave Marker Erector(s):

Confirmation Source for Interment: Diuguid records

Obituary and Biographical Detials

From the Richmond Dispatch, 6 July 1860:

“During the day [July 4], two painful accidents occurred in or about the city, one of which proved fatal. One was caused by a gunner taking his thumb from the touch-hole of the cannon…the other [incident], which proved fatal, was caused by the accidental discharge of a shot gun, in the hands of Thos. Corbit, the load taking effect in the stomach of Thos. Corbit, the load taking effect in the stomach of Thos. Pringle, a miller, in the employ of Langhorne & Scott, of this city. The parties were shooting fish in that portion of the canal from which the water had been drawn off; and at the time of the occurrence, the unfortunate man had $160 in gold, mostly in $20 pieces, in his vest pocket, which was struck by the greater portion of the shot from the gun and knocked entirely from his pocket. The force of the blow was so great as to bend one or two of the gold pieces nearly double.
–O. K.”