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Below are a few other plants that we are offering this year as well as several books from our gift shop which will help you to enjoy and take care of your roses.


We will begin taking phone (434-847-1465) and email ( orders on April 21 at 10:00am. Because there is such a high volume of orders placed on the first day of the sale, rose pick-up will begin on April 23 at 10:00am to allow for us to pull all orders and have your new garden treasures waiting for you. In-person rose shopping will begin on April 26 at 9:00am.


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Florilegium of Roses


This recent publication contains 36 watercolor paintings of roses from OCC’s gardens. All of these paintings were done by local artists and are accompanied by a brief history of each rose.



Roses: Placing Roses, Planting & Care, The Best Varieties


Which roses grow best in a small garden? What companion plants complement a rose border? How do you `modernize` a rose garden? All these and more are answered in the new edition of Sunset`s Roses. Everything for the novice or experienced rose devotee is here-the latest advice on shopping for roses, growing techniques, planning a rose garden, maintaining healthy roses, regional tips, and yes, detailed pruning instructions (no more `ouch.`) With its lush photography showcasing over 350 roses, plus a gallery of choices hand-picked by Sunset experts, this is the resource book rose fanciers will reach for time and time again.



A Rose by Any Name


This book contains the stories of over twelve hundred roses. Embracing art, politics, literature, celebrities, mythology, science, technology, history, royalty, and everything in between, this book is a celebration of events, ideas, and personalities that inspired the many names of the world’s most fascinating flower.



Roses Without Chemicals


Have you tried to grow roses, only to give up once you realized how dependent on pesticides they are? In this lush guide rose expert Peter Kukielski highlights 150 rose varieties that excel in gardens without the use of chemicals. Roses Without Chemicals features information on planting, pruning, and pests; plant profiles that include a color photo and details on color, growth habit, and fragrance; and helpful lists of roses organized by color, growing habit, and region.



Vintage Roses: Beautiful Varieties for the Home and Garden


Who wouldn’t be romanced by names like Lovely Fairy, Desdemona, Elegantyne, Anne Boleyn, Leonardo da Vinci, and Blue for You? Vintage roses encompass both the true “old” roses and the best of the “modern” roses, developed to celebrate the classic, ageless, enduring beauty of the old varieties. The 60 specially selected specimens include those that have the best visual appearance and most fragrant perfume, and are also easy to grow and produce beautiful flowers for cutting. The perfect mix of engaging, inspirational commentary and no-fuss gardening notes shows that roses can be grown and enjoyed by all―whether a novice, an expert, or an armchair rose gardener.


The Flower and the Butterfly

By: Tica Sydnor

This book is all about learning how “to see” by exploring nature through the camera lens, herbarium notes, sketchbooks, live specimens, and tracing-paper drawings. You’ll discover how printed photos help in the arrangement of a realistic botanical composition. Then, after your final sketch is transferred to watercolor paper, you’ll be ready to paint a beautiful picture in the classical style.



Noisette Roses: Nineteenth-Century Charleston’s Gift to the World


Utilizing nearly one hundred illustrations, this is the first American book-length history and analysis of the Noisettes, a class of rose born in Charleston not long after the American Revolution.



100 English Roses for the American Garden


Here, in a book focused exclusively on the needs of North American gardeners, is a complete guide to selecting, planting, feeding, pruning, and caring for 100 English Roses. It includes full-color photographs throughout, plus a source guide, a list of public gardens displaying English Roses, and an index of cultivars by color.


The Guide to Antique Roses


This book provides an overview of antique roses accompanied by pictures of each. If you are just starting out in the world of antique roses, this is a fantastic guide. 



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