Civil War Burials & Removals

Burial Records Available Online

Confederate Soldiers Buried in the Confederate Section (Link to Diuguid Undertakers Records)

Union Soldiers Formerly Buried in the Confederate Section (Link to Diuguid Undertakers Records)

African American Slaves & Soldiers Buried in “Negro Row”

Map of the Confederate Section: How to find a soldier’s gravesite when you visit the Cemetery.

Requests for Information or Burial Records

Please contact the Cemetery Center if you have any questions about Civil War burials or to request copies of burial records:
Telephone: (434) 847-1465
Fax: (434) 856-2004
Mail: Old City Cemetery 401 Taylor Street Lynchburg, VA 24501

If you need an immediate reply, please contact our office by telephone.


Before you call or write for more information, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

  1. We have records for both soldiers who were buried in the Cemetery and those who were sent home to the family for burial. If your soldier died in Lynchburg, we probably have a record of him, whether or not he is buried here today.
  2. There are no records in Lynchburg from local Civil War hospitals. Most known surviving records, which are fragmentary at best, are located at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., or the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia.
  3. We do not have records of ‘official cause of death’. The only indication of cause of death available to us is the occasional notation of “Small Pox” written beside a soldier’s name.
  4. We do not have dates of death for our soldiers. We only have dates of burial.
  5. You can help us improve our records! Although our records are excellent compared to those of most Confederate cemeteries, you probably know more about your Civil War ancestor than we do (for example, what his first and middle initials stand for).

Any sort of biographical or genealogical information you can share with us will be very helpful—and may benefit other another relative who inquires about the same soldier in the future. We are especially in need of each soldier’s full name, dates of birth and death, and place of birth.

Do you have a portrait painting or photograph of your Civil War ancestor? If so, please let us know. We have an album of pictures of people buried in the Old City Cemetery, and we are always searching for new images to add.

Many thanks from the Cemetery staff!

Ordering a New Gravemarker for Your Ancestor

The Southern Memorial Association has established guidelines for installing new gravemarkers in the Old City Cemetery. Please read through our policies for more information:

New Gravemarker Policies for the Old City Cemetery

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