Photography and Filming Policies

prom20140426_171845Non-Commercial/Non-Professional Photography & Filming Policy

  1. Casual photography and filming on the grounds of Old City Cemetery (OCC) is permitted for personal, non-commercial, non-professional purposes without special permission in advance.  For commercial or professional projects, please see the separate policy below.
  2. Scheduled programs and events on OCC grounds (including funerals and weddings) take priority over all photography and filming.  Photographers and videographers who have not contacted OCC staff in advance may be asked to stop and/or move to another location.  To avoid a conflict, please contact OCC staff to schedule your visit: (434) 847-1465 or
  3. Biodegradable confetti ONLY (dried flower petals, etc.) may be used on the grounds.
  4. All photography and filming must take place between dawn and dusk.
  5. FOR DRONE OPERATORS: Permission is required from OCC staff in advance of drone fly-overs and filming.  OCC staff may only grant permission to film over OCC property, not neighboring private or municipal property (including residences, railroads, and the Lynchburg Water Treatment Plant).  Drones may not be operated during scheduled events on OCC grounds (including funerals, weddings, and tours) without prior approval.












Professional Photography & Filming Policy

  1. Producers must obtain permission in writing from Old City Cemetery (“OCC”) staff before photography/filming may begin.  Permission to photograph/film at OCC is granted on a case-by-case basis.  Staff reserves the right to decline requests to use its grounds and/or facilities.
  2. All dialogue, action, costumes, and props must be respectful of the history and character of the Cemetery.  Photography/filming must not detract from visitors’ experiences, hinder daily operations, or put undue burden on property or staff.
  3. Producers may be required to submit the portions of the script to be filmed at OCC to staff for review.
  4. Projects that require alteration of the grounds or museums are not permitted.  Protecting grave markers is our primary concern in photography/filming projects.  Do not touch, lean on, or move any grave marker.  Use special precautions when setting up equipment and carrying large items.
  5. Times and dates of photography/filming must be approved by OCC staff in advance to avoid conflicts with other scheduled events and programs, including funerals and weddings.  All filming must take place between dawn and dusk.
  6. An on-site orientation meeting may be required prior to starting production work.
  7. All areas used in photography/filming must be left in exactly the same condition in which they were found.  All props, trash, and debris must be removed off-site at the conclusion of photography/filming.
  8. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on OCC grounds at any time.  The project will be terminated immediately if it is believed that drugs or alcohol are present.
  9. During filming, videotaping, or photography sessions, an OCC staff member may be present to observe activity.  OCC staff reserves the right to terminate production immediately in the event the photographer, videographer, producer, or other crew member fails to abide by the conditions set forth in these guidelines.
  10. The production company will provide proof of insurance and will be responsible for any damages related to production work on OCC grounds, specifically holding the City of Lynchburg and/or Southern Memorial Association harmless from any damages or claims.
  11. The “Old City Cemetery/Southern Memorial Association” must be credited onscreen or in writing in the final production and/or publication.
  12. Biodegradable confetti ONLY (dried flower petals, etc.) may be used on the grounds.

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