The Old City Cemetery, a Virginia Historic Landmark on the National Register of Historic Places, is a treasure of Lynchburg’s diverse history, culture, and natural beauty. Our grounds provide a peaceful, inviting place to reflect on your loved ones and celebrate their life.

Though our grounds are closed for burials, the scattering of cremated human remains is permitted in a specially designed Scatter Garden located in a natural dell, planted with peonies and groundcover, and enclosed with a lovely cast-iron fence. The nearby butterfly garden and lotus pond create a serene atmosphere of quiet, reflective beauty. Near the Scatter Garden, a memorial sign honors our passed loved ones with the names and life dates of each individual whose ashes are scattered here. 

Policies, Procedures & Pricing
  1. A scattering Fee of $200 will be charged by and payable to the Southern Memorial Association. This fee covers the scattering, name plaque placed on the memorial tablet near the Scatter Garden, and use of the Chapel or Station House if the family wishes to hold a service or gathering.
  2. The deceased will become a part of the permanent records of Old City Cemetery. Loved ones are encouraged to fill out our biographical records form, and provide any photos or additional information they wish to have recorded in our files. 
  3. As new grave markers/stones are not permitted in or near the Scatter Garden, there are a number of options for those wishing to memorialize their loved one. Click HERE to explore options for memorial plants, benches, and donations.

Contact the Old City Cemetery for more information, or to schedule an appointment or scattering. 

401 Taylor Street, Lynchburg Va 24501    (434) 847-1465