More than a decade ago, OCC had a few new “staff” members come aboard; however, they were not typical employees…they were kids! But not that type of kid, they were goats!

The young goats the cemetery originally acquired were brought to OCC for the purpose of keeping the underbrush and foliage clear from the hill behind the cemetery center that goes down to the train tracks. Even though they were brought here to do a job, they quickly became pets too, and today, they are a popular attraction for children and adults alike.

The next time you are at OCC, go down the stairs beside the Cemetery Center and visit the twins, Baxter and Sampson, and Morris! You can also bring a few quarters for the “gumball” machine filled with peanuts. One quarter gets you a handful of peanuts and friends for life with these fellas!


Baxter in front with his tongue sticking out, Morris beside him, and Sampson in the back on the table.