New Grave Marker Policies

The policies for new grave markers in the Old City Cemetery are determined by the Southern Memorial Association (SMA), which has been contracted by the City of Lynchburg to manage the Cemetery.

Since 1993 the SMA has made a substantial effort to restore the Cemetery and to salvage its interesting and diverse grave markers. The following four goals have guided the SMA’s work:

  1. Retain all existing markers, even though many are no longer fully legible
  2. Document all markers, regardless of condition or aesthetic value
  3. Stabilize and repair broken markers using conservative methods
  4. Maintain the Cemetery’s sense of history and heritage in the placement of new grave markers

In 1995 the SMA adopted the following policies for new grave markers installed in the Old City Cemetery:

Policy for New Markers in General Cemetery
Policy for New Markers Inside the Confederate Section

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