Scatter Garden for People

For those who choose cremation…
We have provided an attractive and appropriate place
within Lynchburg’s most historic cemetery.


The Place

The Old City Cemetery, a Virginia Historic Landmark on the National Register of Historic Places, is a treasure of Lynchburg’s diverse history, culture, and natural beauty.

The oldest part of the Cemetery, within the original walls, has been closed to burials since 1965, and only a very limited number of burials have been allowed by special permission “outside the walls” since that time. The only continuously active parts of the Cemetery have been the Potter’s Fields—areas reserved by the City of Lynchburg for burial of its indigent citizens.

There are approximately 4-8 burials each year in New Potter’s Field. The Columbarium, which opened in 2006, provides niches for urns and crypts for full-size caskets.

Since 1996 the scattering of cremated remains has been permitted in a specially designated “Scatter Garden.” The Garden is sheltered in a natural dell, planted with peonies and groundcover, and enclosed with an “old” oval-shaped cast-iron fence. The nearby Lotus Pond and Butterfly Garden create an atmosphere of serenity and natural beauty. The place and its purpose are identified with a marble monument bearing the inscription, “Ashes of the Dead Have Been Lovingly Placed Within This Enclosure.”

scatter-garden-DSC06733Policies & Procedures

  • The name of the deceased will become part of the permanent records of the Old City Cemetery and will be placed on the memorial tablet beside the Scatter Garden.
  • A scattering fee of $150 will be charged by and payable to Southern Memorial Association.
  • Contact the Southern Memorial Association at the Cemetery Center (434-847-1465) to make arrangements for scattering before the scattering and funeral take place.
  • Memorial services are allowed. The nearby Chapel and Station House Museum are available free of charge for use by the family at the time of the scattering. The Cemetery grounds are open daily, dawn to dusk.
  • Since no new grave markers are permitted in or near the Scatter Garden, a number of options are offered to memorialize the deceased. Please contact the Cemetery office to discuss these options:
  1. A planting in the Cemetery may be named in memory of the deceased. A permanent plaque will be installed at the planting that includes the name and dates of the deceased, along with botanical identification. Selection of the plant and its location will be at the discretion of the Southern Memorial Association, in accordance with its long-range garden plans and lists of historically appropriate plant varieties. New planting will be done seasonally.
    • Antique Rose—$600
    • Flowering Shrub—$600
    • Tree—$1,200
  2. A donation may be made for a metal or stone bench with a memorial plaque affixed to it or beside it. The location of the bench will be at the discretion of the Southern Memorial Association.
    • Memorial Iron Bench—$2,500
  3. Other options for memorial gifts may be considered. Please contact the Cemetery office (434-847-1465).

The Southern Memorial Association welcomes your visit to the Old City Cemetery and appreciates all donations towards any aspect of Cemetery operation. Please make checks payable to:

Southern Memorial Association
401 Taylor Street
Lynchburg, VA  24501
(434) 847-1465

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