04 Mar

“SPRING ” your clocks ahead, Daylight Savings time starts Sunday!!

Some of you may have wondered, like me, ‘ What became of the first daffodil posted on February 10th with all the snow that has fallen since then?’ Well I purposely uncovered it this week to find the delicate petals had closed up tight to ward off the chill. Now that allot of snow has melted across the landscape, many more buds can be seen and soon masses of yellow will welcome back friends and new visitors. We did experience a few teases of spring last month, and even the honey bees ventured out.


A close look at the blackened bark of the many sugar maples revealed hundreds of honey bees, dining on the sugary sweet sap running down the trucks. You can even click on the photo to enlarge it to count them!IMG_6961

The chinaberry, with vanilla-white fruit still clinging to its branches, is another welcome sight against the bright blue winter sky. In contrast to the warming sun, a brief dose of ice coated the Hawthorne berries, a needed ‘treatment’ to make them edible for our feathered friends. In a flash, birds descended on the thawing fruit and left the branches bare.IMG_7049


Many other trees in the cemetery have remains of last years’ bird nests and we currently have a wonderful display in the Mourning Museum identifying the numerous twig builders accomplishments!

There will be a program on Saturday, March 21 for all nature lovers to learn more about identifying nest on the cemetery grounds and in your yard too.IMG_7010

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