28 Jun

Goodbye “Drain”


Drain (c.2005-2016)

We lost our beloved cat Drain on Wednesday morning, June 15. He died very unexpectedly during an on-site veterinary procedure. Thankfully, his passing was completely painless and peaceful.

Countless Cemetery friends and visitors knew Drain as our official greeter. He was often seen on the front porch or near the Cemetery Center. Occasionally he joined tours and attended gatherings on the property.

Drain was at least 11 years old. We believe he came to the Cemetery in 2005 as a young kitten, hiding inside a backhoe brought here from Bedford to excavate the Chapel foundation. Because he was first sighted in a drain pipe near the Chapel, he was always called “Drain.” His sister kitten, who came with him from Bedford, was “Drainette.” Unfortunately, Drainette disappeared last June, and we haven’t seen her since.

Not long after our celebrity cat Arthur died in 2014, we gradually convinced Drain to move from the City Toolhouse area to the Cemetery Center, where he could get more attention and better food. Lately he enjoyed deluxe accommodations in Kathy Wise’s House of Cats on the office porch. He now rests beside Arthur in our Scatter Garden for Beloved Animals, near the statue of St. Francis.


Drainette (c.2005-2015)

Drainette (c.2005-2015)

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