Duval Holt Orchard

The apple trees planted on the hillside overlooking the Lotus Pond are antique varieties that are significant in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as in apple propagation and development. They continue to be valued today for their hardiness, longevity and delicious fruit.

Duval Holt, a dedicated volunteer in the rehabilitation of this cemetery, selected and established these first trees to honor his wife Peggy and their three daughters, Becky, Meg and Beth.

Virginia Beauty Grown in Carroll and Grayson Counties, Virginia, before the 1850s, it was popular for desserts and apple preserves.
Lady Known in France for over 300 years, it was the first European apple brought to America and has been prized since colonial times for Della Robia wreaths.
Ralls Grown on Tobacco Row Mountain in Amherst County, Virginia, by nurseryman Caleb Ralls in 1785, it is the parent of today’s popular ‘Fuji’ apple.
Virginia Hewe’s Crab Known in 1717, this was one of the major cider-making varieties planted by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.
Buckingham Known in 1817, its origin thought to be Louisa County, Virginia, root suckers were widely distributed to establish Southern orchards.

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