23 Sep

Kick, the Cemetery Goat


Kick, the Cemetery goat (lower right), photographed in 2012 in the Cemetery’s goat pen

“Kick,” one of our four longtime resident goats, died on Saturday, August 20, 2016. The Cemetery goats are weathered alpine billy goats and have been a part of the landscape here since 2004. They were loaned to us by Ridgely Harrison, who owns Bethlehem Farms in Nelson County. Visitors of all ages come to see them in their large pen located behind the Cemetery Center.

Harrison estimated Kick was about 15 years old, which is slightly older than the usual lifespan of her male goats. In December 2015 Kick very suddenly lost the use of his two front legs. Despite ongoing veterinary treatments and physical therapy, he never regained mobility. He was cremated, and his ashes will be placed in our Scatter Garden for the Ashes of Beloved Animals.

The staff is very grateful to the volunteers who have been feeding our goats every single day of the year for over a decade: Sue Meyer, Spas Christian, and Julio Uchimura (our faithful cat feeder). They know the animals well and keep us informed about the animals and their enclosure. 

Please visit our three remaining goats anytime, but, as Sue says, “No dogs please!”

—Karen Bracco, Public Relations and Visitor Services Manager


During his last illness, Kick enjoyed daily doses of yogurt at Dr. Baum’s veterinary clinic in Bedford County.


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